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This is a note of appreciation for the tremendous job your team did for our move yesterday. The move was complex, but executed with great experience and attitude.   Mr. Safdar deserves an extra pat on the back. He kept the team very well motivated and on task. He was solution oriented and did not express any concerns or disarray despite the move being very labor intensive. Please do pass him my extra thank you and gratitude!   I would recommend your services to my network and would definitely consider your company if I ever require your services in the future.

Syed Shayan
Senior Supply Chain Analyst
Halliburton Project Management

Terrific experience from the beginning. Booked a day before the move on a short notice, and there were no issues with that, all the workers were on time and finished packing everything efficiently in surprisingly 2 hours, which was quite fast for 51 Boxes. Everything was safely bought and i was impressed with the way everything was packed and delivered!

Ali Al-Majid
Premium Banker
Al Ahli Bank - Doha, Qatar


At Relocators we consider ourselves as highly professional and dedicated wing for Removals and Relocations. We offer comprehensive and dedicated end-to-end service to all your removal/ relocation needs.

We cater worldwide as well in the domestic market and can provide you storage solutions and supply packaging materials. To maintain the highest levels of quality we quote every job on its individual needs and we pride ourselves on providing the most competitive quotes without compromising on our first class service.

We also have a dedicated import desk to take care of all your valuable import shipments. Our services are supported by highly trained and experienced professionals equipped with expertise in the industry and are capable to provide creative solutions to even the most complex shipment requirements.